Per capita ethanol consumption from wine by region, United States, 1977–2021. Per capita ethanol consumption from beer by region, United States, 1977–2021. Total per capita consumption of gallons of ethanol by State, United States, 2021. Percentage change in per capita ethanol consumption, United States, 1977–2021. Census Bureau’s monthly retail sales survey, December sales at such retailers were 37% above the average for the other 11 months of the year. Conversely, January and February are typically the slowest months for those sellers.

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Per-capita alcohol consumption appears to be highest in the West and lowest in the South, based on the NIAAA data. On the state level, it appears to be highest in New Hampshire and Delaware, and lowest in Utah. There are gender differences in alcohol-related mortality and morbidity, as well as levels and patterns of alcohol consumption. The percentage of alcohol-attributable deaths among men amounts to 7.7 % of all global deaths compared to 2.6 % of all deaths among women.

Alcohol can lower blood sugar levels.

Okay, is it safe to say that Europe might be the booziest continent? is dedicated to providing quality information on the subject of hangovers, alcohol and the products and solutions available to get you feeling great again after drinking too much alcohol. We gave Ohio a hard time earlier for its silly laws, Alcoholism Statistics so let’s pick on Texas for a bit. In the great state of Texas, it’s technically illegal to consume more than 3 sips of beer while standing. Researchers have found alcoholic residue on pottery uncovered in the Yellow River Valley in China. The fermented drink was a mix of rice, honey, and hawthorn fruit (or possibly grapes).

The prevalence of alcohol dependence in men is typically higher than in women across all countries. This chart is shown for the global total but can be explored for any country or region using the “Change country or region” toggle. In the chart, we see the relationship between average per capita alcohol consumption – in liters of pure alcohol per year – versus gross domestic product (GDP) per capita across countries. Arkansas has more alcohol-related deaths per capita than a majority of states and a higher rate of underage drinking.

Alcohol expenditure

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is a degenerative brain disorder that causes mental confusion, vision problems, lack of coordination, and memory problems, among other symptoms. Treatment may involve standard therapies used to treat other mental illnesses, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is commonly used to treat depression, among other disorders. Relapsing doesn’t mean that treatment has failed, though — it takes time to change behavior. You can work with a health professional to try new treatments that may work better for you. As mentioned above, the DSM-5 says an AUD diagnosis requires at least 2 of the 11 symptoms of alcoholism listed above to have occurred within the previous 12 months. Alcohol use disorder is diagnosed on the basis of criteria defined in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

30 Facts About Alcohol, Plus 5 Myths: Statistics and More – Healthline

30 Facts About Alcohol, Plus 5 Myths: Statistics and More.

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